Thursday, October 27, 2016

Progress Reflection


     I did pretty good on my reading this quarter, I finished two books (one isn't on my reading log yet) and am starting a third. One reason I think I did well is I completed most all of my weekly goals and got into my book. This shows I did good because I was busy and didn't have much time to read but I still accomplished my goals, which I didn't do last year. Another piece of evidence to show how well I did is even though my reading goal has stayed the same, I have been going over my goal by a lot so I am going to start making it bigger. At first my goal was one hundred pages and now it’s 60 but I'm reading about seventy or eighty pages a week. In all, I think I did way better this quarter than last quarter for reading.


     The writing piece I am most proud of this quarter is my YWP 10/3, I think it shows a ton of growth. For example, I used a ton of detail in this writing when last year I wasn't very descriptive. One place I was descriptive is “Then we stopped, I opened the door and got out, the air smelled like rotten eggs and smelly socks.” when last year I would have just said “The air smelled terrible”. Another way this piece showed growth is I used a lot better grammar, for example I used more commas to make my writing more like poetry. One last way this writing piece shows my improvement is after the class was over I continued writing on it which I wouldn't have done last year or the beginning of the year this year. In conclusion, I did improve a lot from last year to this year in my writing.

Me and my family were going on a road trip to a town called Hickory. I didn't know much about Hickory, my parents just said it was a very old and rundown, I wasn't to happy to be going there. We were a few minutes away when dad said “Oh nooo!!” I looked out the window, all I at saw was old debris that used to be houses, nothing at all except a old wood cabin in the middle of the town. I said “Dad what the heck is the place!”. I just couldn't imagine what happened to this place, it was destroyed. “I don't know Herbert.” Said dad. Then we stopped, I opened the door and got out, the air smelled like rotten eggs and smelly socks. “Eww” I said. I walked over to the only standing cabin and peaked in a window, there was nothing in it, nothing at all. I called my parents over to the cabin, they looked in and didn't seem surprised like me, I wondered why? Maybe they knew it was going to be like this, no they couldn't have dad was surprised when we drove into town. Then I heard rumble coming from the sky and it started to pour. Lightning struck the car and then it caught fire, we were now stuck here, alone.

Work Habits:

     So far this year I have had pretty good work habits, even without being able to bring the Ipad's home. For example my drive has no stray documents and everything is in its proper class folder. This shows that I have had good work habits because everything is organized and easy to find, when last year it wasn't. Another thing that shows I have good work habit is I have no overdue work right now. This shows that I have been focused on my school work and completing it on time which is a good work habit. Lastly my grades show that I have good work habits because all my cores are above a ninety except for LA which is a eightynine. This also shows that I submit my work on time and have good work habits. In all, I feel like I improved a lot from last year with my work habits.

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