Friday, November 11, 2016

IR Vocab Set 5

Book: National Geographic
Word: Concurrent
Sentence: However, concurrent laser scanning in May 2016 across a broad swath of Sabah’s forests conducted by Asner shows that one behemoth tree on a hillside in Danum Valley, another protected reserve, measures 94.1 meters (308.7 feet), surpassing the Maliau specimen for the honor of the world’s tallest tropical tree.
Definition: occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side
Part Of Speech: Adjective
Synonyms: Coeval, in sync and Parallel

Book: National Geographic
Word: Collegial
Sentence: —a collegial nod to Coomes, who worked closely with Asner on his work in Sabah.
Definition: collegiate
Part Of Speech: Adjective
Synonyms: Concerted, United and Team

Book: National Geographic
Word: Undoubtedly
Sentence: The day’s presentation was met with enthusiastic applause from the audience, who will undoubtedly be awaiting further results at next year’s conference or sooner.
Definition: not called in question; accepted as beyond doubt; undisputed
Part Of Speech: Adjective
Synonyms: Truly, Really and Surely

Book: National Geographic
Word: Coincides
Sentence: The term “supermoon” is popularly defined as a full moon that coincides with the lunar orb’s closest approach to Earth, or perigee.
Definition: to occupy the same place in space, the same point or period in time,or the same relative position
Part Of Speech: Verb
Synonyms: Jibe, Concur and Correspond

Book: National Geographic
Word: Celestial
Sentence: Enjoy the sky show while it lasts, because the full moon won’t get this close to us again until November 25, 2034. And the absolute closest full moon to Earth this century will occur on December 6, 2052, when our celestial neighbor will be just 221,472 miles away.
Definition: pertaining to the spiritual or invisible heaven; heavenly; divine
Part Of Speech: Adjective
Synonyms: Asral, Sublime and Eternal

Book: National Geographic
Word: Proboscis
Sentence: Indonesia's proboscis monkeys are as at home in the water as they are in the trees—an unusual combination in primates.
Definition: any long flexible snout, as of the tapir
Part Of Speech: Noun 
Synonyms: Beak, Snout and Trunk

Book: National Geographic
Word: Bulbous
Sentence: Proboscis monkeys might be best known for their giant, bulbous noses, but scientists are sniffing out another of these monkey’s unique attributes: their swimming abilities.
Definition: bulb-shaped; bulging
Part Of Speech: Adjective 
Synonyms: Oval, Bent and Curved 

Book: National Geographic 
Word: Vigilante
Sentence: ISurgeon X, a vigilante doctor tries to save lives in a near-future dystopia where millions are dying of simple infections.
Definition: a member of a vigilance committee 
Part Of Speech: Noun 
Synonyms: Escort, Guard and Cop