Thursday, January 12, 2017

Quarter Two Progress Reflection

Reading Reflection    

      I have completed one book this Quarter, Box Out by John Coy. This book was not above my reading level and in my genre, so it wasn't a stretch book, it was a comfort book. My weekly reading goal was once high but then it dropped as soon as the basketball season started and I think that's why I only completed one book because I have practice till six then homework. One area I have made progress in is probably my weekly reading goal because it is at a decent amount of pages and I have been completing it. One area my reading could improve in is how many books and stretch books I read per quarter. I think this because I only read one book this quarter and it wasn't even a stretch book so I have to improve there. My goal for next quarter is to read three books and have at least two of them be stretch books.

Participation Reflection 

      One area where I have made progress this quarter is my active listening. I think this because last quarter I wasn't the best listener and you sometimes had to repeat things for me but this quarter I have been listening more often and you don't usually have to repeat what you said. One area I can improve on is use if time. One way I can improve on this is not talking with my friends and doing my work instead. Another way I can improve this is using my class time better, like instead of spacing out or not paying attention do my assignments, even though I get most of the done in the time we are given it could be much better. One participation goal I have for next quarter is to always bring a book to class because usually I leave it in my locker.