Friday, April 7, 2017

Quarter Three Progress Reflections

Reading Reflection

      This quarter I have read one and half books, Lights Last Breaking by Nick Jans and Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson. Lights Last Breaking is a stretch book because it was a genre I don't usually read much of, non-fiction adventure. I enjoyed this book a lot and will try to find more books with alike genres. My reading goals have been pretty good, most of the time I will accomplish them but sometimes I am busy with basketball and other homework and don't have time to read. In my quarter two progress Reflection my goal was to read more books. I didn't really accomplish this goal because I have only read one and a half books, I did read one stretch book though. One area I have improved in is stretch books because I read one this quarter and liked it. I think next quarter I will read more stretch books because now I know that I like them even if they're a bit harder.

Writing Reflection

      One writing outcome in which I have made progress this quarter is voice. One example on how I have improved voice in my writing is when we were getting feedback on our plays is someone said that my play had very good dialog and that they could see people actually saying those words. Another example is this quote from my play “Mom it's big money too, they offered me a one year $6,500,000 contract, and that’s just the first year too if I do good it could be way more than that. Come on imagine what we could do with that money.” Tido came up to me and said that he really liked this line because it made sense and the contract was a normal amount of money. One area my writing can improve is theme because in my play I also got feedback that I was a bit repetitive using lines like “Well I don't know he's really young, there's so much that could go wrong, I mean it is professional soccer.” Specifically that I would say that Dylan was too for pro soccer. I think that I stayed to much to my theme and had to say other things other than just that for 10 pages. One goal I have is to write more because I usually don't write much and would love to get better at it. A way I could measure this is counting how much I right outside of school or how much I add on my YWPs other than class time because I don't really do that.