Saturday, June 3, 2017

Quarter 4 Progress Reflections

Reading Reflection 

      I have completed three books in quarter four, Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson, Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson and Lights Last Breaking by Nick Jans and I am reading Day of Tears now. Out of the three one was a stretch book, Brown Girl Dreaming, which was given to me by a teacher. I definitely have improved from last quarter when I only read one book. I also have been improving my lexile score, in September, 2016 my score was 1138 and now in May it is 1225. I improved 87 lexile points over the past eight months which meets the growth expectation. I think this is because last year in May I was barely reading any books but now we have had lots of books we have to read for classes and write projects about them. I feel like doing these reads and talking as a class about them really enhances my reading skills and helps me understand the book better. We have done two of these all class reads and our in the middle of another, In Mr. DeMink’s class we have socratic seminars which I really like and I think is one of the main reasons my lexile went up. One place I can improve my reading is definitely reading stretch books, even though I read one this quarter I rarely do. I really enjoy reading sports books because I like playing sports and it’s one of my hobbies but I really think that if I keep reading stretch books I could easily get into another genre. My goal for the summer I read more stretch books because that is really how you improve your reading skills and I could use better reading skills in high school.

Writing Refelction 

      The one area my writing most improved this quarter is definitely peer editing, the assignment This I Believe had us give our peers multiple comments on how to make their piece better which is why I think I improved so much. One piece from my writing that shows I improved my peer editing is “I learned about patience long ago, I am not a master at it but I have improved.” which before a peer told me to revise was “I learned patience when I was little but I am not a master at it but I have improved.” This shows that I have improved because my first sentence had way to many but’s in it but after my peer told me that I fixed it and made it a good length with only one but. Also Louis one of my peers said my feedback was very helpful so I am doing good in giving and taking peer comments. One area I can improve in though is writing process. In my This I Believe essay my conclusion and introduction paragraphs combined to be shorter than my body paragraph so I think I could shorten that and make my other paragraphs longer using writing process. One writing goal I have for this summer is to start writing for fun because writing isn't my favorite thing to do right now. I could track this by writing in a journal over the summer which would improve my writing and journals are fun to look back at when you're older.